Thursday, November 25, 2010

After the sunrise

its a beautiful day
bright and full of sunshine
after all the pain
its a day to revive

yesterday there was thunder
and lightning
struck so many times
you couldn't have counted
every time it came
every point it touched
it lit up the darkness
making right the wrongs
making good from bad

the leaves are green
glistening from the rains
that came this afternoon
it washed away all the grime
it cleaned the land
and swept away the years,
a whole lot of memories too

last night the forests woke up
singing in a joyous chorus
in tens and hundreds
they sprouted
breaking the chains
reclaiming their right

there's laughter everywhere
children playing everywhere
playing with the birds and the squirrels
and all of god's creations
in the playground he's built

the seas are quieter
or so they seem to be
they weren't yesterday
its as if the tide
has turned today

yesterday he came
on his steed with wings
from shambhala he rode
the most beatiful horse
you have never seen

time to take stock
and rack up the numbers
it was a revelation
how quickly it all took place
at the end of the day
most didn't even have a chance
to look, less to speak

did you make it through
did you pass the night?
will I see you soon,
did you see the new sun rise?
and when you were judged
what was your score?

November 2010

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Man mein Ram, Tan mein Ram

On this Diwali day, I thought it would be nice to listen to this nice bhajan on Lord Ram

Ram naam ki loot hai 2x,
loot sake to loot
Antekaal pachtaye ga jab
Prane jayenge chhut

Tere man mein ram tann mein ram
Tere man mein ram tan mein ram 2x
Rom rom meinram re
Ram sumirle dhyaan lagale chhor djadat ke kaam re
Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram Ram Ram (2)

Maya mein tu uljha uljha dar dar dhool udaye
ab kyu karta man bhari jab maya saath chudaye,(2)

Din to bita daud dhoop main, dhal jaye naa shaam re,
Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram Ram Ram (2)

Tere man mein ram tann mein ram
Tere man mein ram tan mein ram 2x
Rom rom meinram re
Ram sumirle dhyaan lagale chhor djadat ke kaam re

Tan ke bhitar panch lootere dal rahein hai dera
Tan ke bhitar panch lootere dal rahein hai dera
Kaam, Krodh,mad,lobh, moh, ne tujko kaise ghera,
bhul gaya tu Ram ratan, bhula Puja kaam re

Tere man mein ram tann mein ram
Tere man mein ram tan mein ram 2x
Rom rom meinram re
Ram sumirle dhyaan lagale chhor djadat ke kaam re
Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram Ram Ram (2)

Bachpaan bita khel khel main, bhari jawani soya,(2)
dekh bhudapa ab to soche kya paya kya khoya,
der nahi hai ab bhi bande le le Uska Naam re

Tere man mein ram tan mein ram
Rom rom re ram re
Ram sumirle dhyaan lagale chor djadat ke kaam re
Bolo ram bolo ram bolo ram ram ram

Sunday, October 31, 2010

796cc Ducati bike in India for under 5 Lakhs on-road possible?

It seems almost unbelievable. But I have it straight from the horse's mouth, so to say. Met Graham at Cavala - he is the India points-person for Porsche and is busy setting up their Goa dealership right now.

Also happens to be launching the Ducati dealership. He tells me that they have firmed up plans to launch a 796cc Ducati bike made-in-Thailand that's gonna be launched here for under 5 lakhs on road! Could this be the Hypermotard?

Hard to believe - but here's keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuscany Gardens, Sinquerim, Goa

The next time you are in Goa and want good Italian pizzas and pastas, head down Candolim towards Aguada and you will find a lovely restaurant in Sinquerim called Tuscany Gardens

We had a lovely time talking to one of the two owners - Line Shetty (Leena) who is Danish. A lovely girl who seems right at home in Goa and getting assimilated into our melting pot after marrying Avi Shetty - a Mangalorean-origin Goan - right down to the mangal sutra!

They were both running independent restaurants in the UK before deciding to start their own and moving to Goa.

Definitely - this is one of our must-dine places in Goa now. The thin-crust pizzas and the pasta we ordered were just heavenly. I highly recommend them!

Jimmy's Palace

On a recent trip to Goa, I ended up visiting the Fort Aguada section.

After the customary visit to the Fort and the Church of St Lawrence, we saw a board that pointed towards the Central Jail and decided it would be worth a look-see.

The road curved and narrowed as we drove uphill on the side of a cliff and suddenly we were at a beautiful entrance comprising of some very nice landscaping, a domed gazebo with pillars in a lovely pink-and-white combination and some very nice flowers! Also a friendly solitary guard.

We asked him if this was the Central Jail (wondering to ourselves how Goa had such a fancy jail) and were told the more likely sounding theory - this was Jimmy's house. Jimmy who? we asked... Jimmy Gazadar said the guard. Can we see the home per chance, we asked? No, said the guard - boss is visiting. Can we take a photo? No, said the guard :-(

Well we decided to drive further down and realized the entire property is along the cliff face facing the ocean. At the end of the path is the central jail from where you can see the property and the ocean next to it.

It is a most beautiful house and a wonderful setting - straight out of the Mediterranean and also straight out of a James Bond movie!

This amazing property has been designed by Gerard Da Cunha, one of Goa's most famous architects. Rarely photographed from inside, it's owned by Jamshed Gazdar a.k.a Jimmy and has been known to host some amazing parties here. Jamshed was a Parsi gentleman from Mumbai and ran a large business in the logistics space. No no more, his son Cyrus is the current owner.

Friday, October 01, 2010

E-filing of Income Tax Returns - ITR Form 6 (can not read the file for signing fakepath)


As all those of you in the accounts and audit profession may be aware, the corporate Income Tax returns were due by September 30th and have now been extended to October 15th.

This year, it is mandatory for the returns to be digitally signed for corporate assesses.

If you have followed all the instructions of the IT department and are still getting an error when trying to sign the return digitally - especially if the error is

Can not read the file for signing c:\fakepath\xxxx.xml

The problem is with Windows 7 - the IT departments upload/signing applet doesn't seem to work well with Windows 7 - use Windows XP to upload and sign your return - it will work fine. It is not a problem of your signature or your Java version or browser - use Windows XP and it will be fine.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Free me, free me, free me now

One day you came
A neighbor, a stranger,
a guest,
Maybe a friend
I didn't know you.

I opened my home and
I opened my hearth

I was innocent, I was kind
I was unprepared and
Maybe I was blind
I was alone..

Bound, ravaged and
Pillaged, now I lie
You had your way
Cut me off, changed my name
And called me yours

my lover,
Bruised and banished
A distant memory
wanders every night
In my dreams

My gods and my faith,
everything I believed in
Ransacked or destroyed
scattered in disarray

I am surrounded
By you and yours
You dress me up
And show me off
Another possession
A bauble to display
You are my king
And I am your slave

But I remain.

Underneath it all,
I still belong to him.
I thirst and I ache
For his touch and
His caress
His ways and his

I sit and I wait
My time will come
And my lover will return

You can take me,
You can break me,
You can ravage me and
Parade me,
Color me yellow and
brand me
But you can't change me
I am what I am.

I am... Tibet

I am alive.
Try as you might
I won't die
I am forever,
You can't take me down.

Free me now.

Anand Saraf - July 2010