Friday, July 22, 2011

How to configure USB Hard Drive on D-link DSL-2750U Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Technology is funny. My old modem at home had suddenly started acting funny and would not auto-reconnect to the internet after a sudden power loss. So, I decided I needed to change the modem.

A few enquiries later, I learnt that it's really difficult to buy a modem alone directly - I would need to buy a modem+router combo. In other words, I have to junk my perfectly working Wireless Router to fix my Modem.

Well, as they say, que sera que sera.

D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N Modem Router
I decided to use the opportunity and get myself a slightly better modem router which also has a USB port so that I can use my USB Hard drive (that is almost always sitting there unused since I am too lazy to plug it in) on the wireless network.

A little bit of research and after shortlisting two different makes of Belkin & D-Link - I decided to plump for the D-link DSL-2750U model.

So it came and I started getting everything up and running. All worked fine except the USB Hard drive. Can't seem to find any way of connecting to the hard drive from the wi-fi network. When I plug-in the drive to the modem, it lights up and is recognized. But how to access it from my laptop?

The manual talks about installing a USB Remote NDIS Device Driver or a USB ADSL 1.3 driver - none of which came with the packaging nor can I find it anywhere on the internet.

About four hours of hunting and going through the debugging system log - found the answer and for the benefit of other buyers of this generally useful product - here's the solution:

1. Plug-in the USB drive.
2. Switch on/Restart the model-router.
3. Wait for a few minutes till it finishes all the negotiations, etc. I would say five minutes is a good time to give it.
4. Make sure the USB Icon on your modem is lit.
5. In windows explorer - type the following path to access your hard drive


where the IP address is the IP address of your modem - default is

If all goes well, you should be able to see your hard drive contents now! A good idea would be to map this location with "Map Network Drive" so you can access it easily whenever you want.

Update 5th September 2013:
Many of you have asked me how to access it from Apple or Linux devices. Many of you have also asked me that the device asks for username and password. Please note that default username and password for router interface is admin / admin.

1. Please ensure that you upgrade your firmware as explained in my other post recently.
2. Please have a look at his extremely useful guide from Hew which clearly tells you how to access from other OS and also how to create username and password to access your storage device.

Hope you all find this useful.