Jimmy's Palace

On a recent trip to Goa, I ended up visiting the Fort Aguada section.

After the customary visit to the Fort and the Church of St Lawrence, we saw a board that pointed towards the Central Jail and decided it would be worth a look-see.

The road curved and narrowed as we drove uphill on the side of a cliff and suddenly we were at a beautiful entrance comprising of some very nice landscaping, a domed gazebo with pillars in a lovely pink-and-white combination and some very nice flowers! Also a friendly solitary guard.

We asked him if this was the Central Jail (wondering to ourselves how Goa had such a fancy jail) and were told the more likely sounding theory - this was Jimmy's house. Jimmy who? we asked... Jimmy Gazadar said the guard. Can we see the home per chance, we asked? No, said the guard - boss is visiting. Can we take a photo? No, said the guard :-(

Well we decided to drive further down and realized the entire property is along the cliff face facing the ocean. At the end of the path is the central jail from where you can see the property and the ocean next to it.

It is a most beautiful house and a wonderful setting - straight out of the Mediterranean and also straight out of a James Bond movie!

This amazing property has been designed by Gerard Da Cunha, one of Goa's most famous architects. Rarely photographed from inside, it's owned by Jamshed Gazdar a.k.a Jimmy and has been known to host some amazing parties here. Jamshed was a Parsi gentleman from Mumbai and ran a large business in the logistics space. No no more, his son Cyrus is the current owner.


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