Sunday, October 31, 2010

796cc Ducati bike in India for under 5 Lakhs on-road possible?

It seems almost unbelievable. But I have it straight from the horse's mouth, so to say. Met Graham at Cavala - he is the India points-person for Porsche and is busy setting up their Goa dealership right now.

Also happens to be launching the Ducati dealership. He tells me that they have firmed up plans to launch a 796cc Ducati bike made-in-Thailand that's gonna be launched here for under 5 lakhs on road! Could this be the Hypermotard?

Hard to believe - but here's keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuscany Gardens, Sinquerim, Goa

The next time you are in Goa and want good Italian pizzas and pastas, head down Candolim towards Aguada and you will find a lovely restaurant in Sinquerim called Tuscany Gardens

We had a lovely time talking to one of the two owners - Line Shetty (Leena) who is Danish. A lovely girl who seems right at home in Goa and getting assimilated into our melting pot after marrying Avi Shetty - a Mangalorean-origin Goan - right down to the mangal sutra!

They were both running independent restaurants in the UK before deciding to start their own and moving to Goa.

Definitely - this is one of our must-dine places in Goa now. The thin-crust pizzas and the pasta we ordered were just heavenly. I highly recommend them!

Jimmy's Palace

On a recent trip to Goa, I ended up visiting the Fort Aguada section.

After the customary visit to the Fort and the Church of St Lawrence, we saw a board that pointed towards the Central Jail and decided it would be worth a look-see.

The road curved and narrowed as we drove uphill on the side of a cliff and suddenly we were at a beautiful entrance comprising of some very nice landscaping, a domed gazebo with pillars in a lovely pink-and-white combination and some very nice flowers! Also a friendly solitary guard.

We asked him if this was the Central Jail (wondering to ourselves how Goa had such a fancy jail) and were told the more likely sounding theory - this was Jimmy's house. Jimmy who? we asked... Jimmy Gazadar said the guard. Can we see the home per chance, we asked? No, said the guard - boss is visiting. Can we take a photo? No, said the guard :-(

Well we decided to drive further down and realized the entire property is along the cliff face facing the ocean. At the end of the path is the central jail from where you can see the property and the ocean next to it.

It is a most beautiful house and a wonderful setting - straight out of the Mediterranean and also straight out of a James Bond movie!

This amazing property has been designed by Gerard Da Cunha, one of Goa's most famous architects. Rarely photographed from inside, it's owned by Jamshed Gazdar a.k.a Jimmy and has been known to host some amazing parties here. Jamshed was a Parsi gentleman from Mumbai and ran a large business in the logistics space. No no more, his son Cyrus is the current owner.

Friday, October 01, 2010

E-filing of Income Tax Returns - ITR Form 6 (can not read the file for signing fakepath)


As all those of you in the accounts and audit profession may be aware, the corporate Income Tax returns were due by September 30th and have now been extended to October 15th.

This year, it is mandatory for the returns to be digitally signed for corporate assesses.

If you have followed all the instructions of the IT department and are still getting an error when trying to sign the return digitally - especially if the error is

Can not read the file for signing c:\fakepath\xxxx.xml

The problem is with Windows 7 - the IT departments upload/signing applet doesn't seem to work well with Windows 7 - use Windows XP to upload and sign your return - it will work fine. It is not a problem of your signature or your Java version or browser - use Windows XP and it will be fine.