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Update Digital Signature on MCA government website / Select Certificate button disabled / Error No certificate selected

So as every year, we are in the midst of annual filings and government filings with ever increasing complexities for income tax, MCA (registrar of companies), GST, etc.

Today, I am going to talk about how to update your digital signature on the MCA website. Most signatures expire in a year or two. You can't sign the e-forms unless you have updated your current digital signature with MCA website.

As everything else with the government, the website is dated now and hasn't upgraded itself since its first launch.

You may face multiple errors and problems before you are able to successfully update your digital signature on the MCA website. I hope the guide below will make your life easier and help you update the digital signature with less hassle.

1. You must use INTERNET EXPLORER 9 AND ABOVE. Do not use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. I use Internet Explorer 11.
2. The MCA site is located at
3. First add this site as a TRUSTED SITE in Internet Explorer. Go…

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