After the sunrise

its a beautiful day
bright and full of sunshine
after all the pain
its a day to revive

yesterday there was thunder
and lightning
struck so many times
you couldn't have counted
every time it came
every point it touched
it lit up the darkness
making right the wrongs
making good from bad

the leaves are green
glistening from the rains
that came this afternoon
it washed away all the grime
it cleaned the land
and swept away the years,
a whole lot of memories too

last night the forests woke up
singing in a joyous chorus
in tens and hundreds
they sprouted
breaking the chains
reclaiming their right

there's laughter everywhere
children playing everywhere
playing with the birds and the squirrels
and all of god's creations
in the playground he's built

the seas are quieter
or so they seem to be
they weren't yesterday
its as if the tide
has turned today

yesterday he came
on his steed with wings
from shambhala he rode
the most beatiful horse
you have never seen

time to take stock
and rack up the numbers
it was a revelation
how quickly it all took place
at the end of the day
most didn't even have a chance
to look, less to speak

did you make it through
did you pass the night?
will I see you soon,
did you see the new sun rise?
and when you were judged
what was your score?

November 2010


I hope I live to see the day after the apocalypse...and hope to see you there..

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