How to configure USB Hard Drive on D-link DSL-2750U Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router

Technology is funny. My old modem at home had suddenly started acting funny and would not auto-reconnect to the internet after a sudden power loss. So, I decided I needed to change the modem.

A few enquiries later, I learnt that it's really difficult to buy a modem alone directly - I would need to buy a modem+router combo. In other words, I have to junk my perfectly working Wireless Router to fix my Modem.

Well, as they say, que sera que sera.

D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N Modem Router
I decided to use the opportunity and get myself a slightly better modem router which also has a USB port so that I can use my USB Hard drive (that is almost always sitting there unused since I am too lazy to plug it in) on the wireless network.

A little bit of research and after shortlisting two different makes of Belkin & D-Link - I decided to plump for the D-link DSL-2750U model.

So it came and I started getting everything up and running. All worked fine except the USB Hard drive. Can't seem to find any way of connecting to the hard drive from the wi-fi network. When I plug-in the drive to the modem, it lights up and is recognized. But how to access it from my laptop?

The manual talks about installing a USB Remote NDIS Device Driver or a USB ADSL 1.3 driver - none of which came with the packaging nor can I find it anywhere on the internet.

About four hours of hunting and going through the debugging system log - found the answer and for the benefit of other buyers of this generally useful product - here's the solution:

1. Plug-in the USB drive.
2. Switch on/Restart the model-router.
3. Wait for a few minutes till it finishes all the negotiations, etc. I would say five minutes is a good time to give it.
4. Make sure the USB Icon on your modem is lit.
5. In windows explorer - type the following path to access your hard drive


where the IP address is the IP address of your modem - default is

If all goes well, you should be able to see your hard drive contents now! A good idea would be to map this location with "Map Network Drive" so you can access it easily whenever you want.

Update 5th September 2013:
Many of you have asked me how to access it from Apple or Linux devices. Many of you have also asked me that the device asks for username and password. Please note that default username and password for router interface is admin / admin.

1. Please ensure that you upgrade your firmware as explained in my other post recently.
2. Please have a look at his extremely useful guide from Hew which clearly tells you how to access from other OS and also how to create username and password to access your storage device.

Hope you all find this useful.


pawan said…
Can you please help me connect USB printer to DSL-2750U, It has built in print server but how to use it?
Shareport utility not working at all
Please help
Anand said…
Sorry Pawan, I am not aware as to how a Printer can be connected to the USB port.
CARahul said…
A big bg thankyou dude...was looking for the procedure to connect to usb for long long time....finally my research ends with your comment !! three cheers !!
Mann said…
Follow the instructions on this perfectly....
Sachin said…
Thank u very much dude, i was also searchin the same and another query which i have is how to "maplocation with Map Network Drive".Please reply to this dude i dont knw hw to do tat
Sachin said…
Please tel me how to map tat usb drive...
Piyush said…
Thanks Man you have saved my four hours.

bhatia33 said…
So now as you are using the modem for a while may I know how is the modem and what is the transfer speed you get when transferring the file from HDD connected to modem to system or vice versa . also is their any connection problem in modem or not???
Anand said…
The router is decent as far as speeds and connections are concerned.

However, USB connection to drive is really just for namesake. Searching/accessing/copying/etc is painful and dead-slow. I have stopped using it and connect the drive directly to my laptop.
Anand said…
Hi Sachin

Sorry for this really late response - you can map by typing in the same path in the map network drive box - \\\u_disk\usb1_1\
Abhimanyu said…
how to get this working on mac?, is there any username password needed to get the HDD working?
TBANI said…
Hi Anand,

This is very useful, in fact I was looking for ways to access the USB disk.

Thanks again,

Anand said…
Hi Abhimanyu,

Sorry but I am not really sure how to get the same working on a Mac..
Karan Chengappa said…
Thank you Very Very Much... by reading your blog i was able to get the solution in 2 mints....Awesome...
Anand said…
Hi Karan,

Glad to hear the post was useful for you!

sweet-cherries said…
It worked, thanks...Although i set up another user/pass/volume in adv_settings/storage_device but still your trick worked... thanks.
Anand said…
Hi sweet cherries,

Thanks, glad it was of use to you!
Sohin.. said…
Hi Anand, can you write on how to set up DSL-2750U wireless N 300 ADSL2+Modem Router? I bought one yesterday and since then i am trying to configure it but in vain. I tried to search online to get step by step process to configure the router but couldn't find enough data. As i have no landline phone connection, the configuration with the help of CD, which is accompanied with the router, is showing error. I use Tikona broadband which has its own cable and modem. This is also the first time that i am trying to configure a router. I would be grateful if you can reply me here or here:


Cheers !!
Anand said…
Hi Sohin,

I am sorry but I am not really able to write-up the basic router configuration right now due to time constraints...

Allwyn said…
Freakin Awesome!!! Thanks,,,,
Vipul said…
I've sony bravia i use media sharing a lot is there a way to share media from my HDD through DSL2700u ?
Deep Sukhwani said…
For Mac,

Fairly simple

Highlight the Finder, click on Go > Connect to Server > put smb:// ( is the default ip Address)

then if your hard disk is easily accessible by all, just like your network, I don't think you need to put any username and password to it unless you have put any access restrictions on your files on hard disk itself.

If so, the best and the safest way is to put username and password of your router and go on with it.

Works like a charm! Just started using it right now
nvsrox said…
thank you dude youare like angel to me this article of yours has helped me alot.
hats off to your work.!!!!
Vijay said…
Thanks a lot Anand. Very simple and to the point steps. I was able to complete setup and access the hard drive in 5 mins.
arvind said…
Thanx a lot.
works smooth lyk silk
Any idea, how would it work on Linux?
zammil said…
Thanks a lot! awesome post
miyabi said…
Would like to ask you how I can actually access the usb storage connected to DSL-2750U from my Android mobile device. Do you have idea doing this stuff? Really appreciate it if you have the method. Thank you in advance.
samidh said…
does this only work on IE or something because its showing a blank white screen in FF and chrome and I use ubuntu so cant access IE
Anand said…
Hi Samidh,

No need to use any browser - it's a file path - so you should be able to access it like a regular network path - \\IP Address\u_disk\usb1_1 - using any equivalent file browser - like Windows Explorer or ES File Explorer, etc or the ubuntu file manager.

Good luck!
Anand said…
Linux users might need to mount the share using Samba - this might be helpful -
iWish said…
But what about security?
Anyone with a wifi can access the HD.
Can a username and password be set for the same?
Anand said…
I don't think you can set security specifically for the drive - but you could set it for your WiFi network - only someone who has joined your network would be able to access it.
Mylari Gupta said…
Big thanks to you. searched web but could not get correct solution. your's was superb. It worked like magic. My son also liked it.
Munro said…
Hi, im having some issue where i can't access my usb1_1. My DSL-2750U's default ip is set to

If i understand it correctly then to access the drive the format is to be as follows: \\Router Ip\Don't Know\usb1_1\

What comes after the Ip address?

Also, when trying to add then Nerwork drive, it asks for (Username && Password), which keeps on failing.

What do i do?
Anand said…
It should be the same - ip address/u_disk/usb1_1
Manav S said…

When I am trying to map the USB drive or trying to access on the browser its asking for user name and password.

Please let me know which username or password to enter
Anup said…
Hi All,

I am not able to access the USB drive.


While trying to access its giving me a pop-up window to enter username and password.

Please guide me how do I access the USB drive without entering any User name or password

I havent setup any a/c on admin panel.

Please respond to me!

Many thanks!
Manav S said…
Hi All,

Even I am facing the same issue. Whenever I am trying to access USB Drive its asking me to enter Username and password.

I havent created any a/c in admin. Please guide me how do I sort this issue.

Many thanks!
Anand said…
Hi Manav, Anup and others, please see the update on my post above. Hopefully this will help you.

Best wishes
Rajesh Kothari said…
I'm using 2750U with firmware IN_1.10 in India.

I tried exactly same way in Win 8 Prof by trying to map a drive to \\\abc\usb1_1 (abc is user name). It asks for username and password but it just not go beyond this stage, saying network error. Upon Diagnostics it says 'No issues detected'.

I even tried other suggestions e.g., ip\usb1_1 and ip\public and ip\u_disk\usb1_1 but nothing seems to work.
Rss said…
Anand Its Urgent
In 2750U lan network providing Seperate IP and Wifi Providing seperate IP

i cant ping a lan computer from wifi computer
Anirudh Agarwal said…
Ppl Like u make internet a better place..... Cheers ....
Alok Shukla said…
Thanks a ton.
Manav S said…

Still I am not able to access the USB Drive, It keeps asking me to enter User name and Password.
And I am totally zapped which user name and password to enter.

Request you to please help me as I desperately want to create a Network drive, I dont like putting Hard-drive or pendrive to my laptop every time.

Please help me on this.

Let me know if you can share your email id with me.

Anand said…
Hi Manav,

What OS are you running on your laptop?

Manav S said…
Hi Anand,

Its windows 7!

Even I tried connecting using Mac, I was still getting pop up message to enter user name and password.

I have admin and admin as user name and password but no luck.

I dont know which user name and password to give to connect to USB drive through wifi router.

I even reset the wifi settings and again tried connecting and I failed again.

Please help me anand to connect USB to my wifi router.

Many thanks.
Anand said…
Manav, does this link help you in any way:
Manav S said…
Thanks Anand and wishing you Happy New Year!

However I have already tried doing / following all other stuff but no luck :(

I really dont know which user name and password to enter to access the USB drive.

Is there anything else which you can suggest.

Anand said…
Sorry, I am not able to suggest anything else to you..
George A said…
OK guys I have found the solution to the problem. For those that are having issues with accessing your USB drives here how you overcome the issue. I have the DSL-2750T but it should be the same.

place this in your file explorer \\\usb1_1\

1. usb1_1 must be the same as the volume name
2. create a user name (i left mine at default admin with admin password but i guess you can give it anything you want). If you need to remove the user and then create a new one with a username and password of your choice. Now oast the link above it should now prompt you with account and password. Put the ones you created in the router and bang you should now be able to access your files.
George A said…
HI there i have found the solution to how to access you usb on your router. I have the DSL-2750T but it should be the same.


usb1_1 must be the volume name. Check the router in the advanced section to see what name it gives it.

Now remove the account name if one exists and add a new one. I put in the default admin user name and admin password but I guess you can give it anything you want.

Now copy the above link in explorer and it will prompt you for the user name and password. Simply put the ones you created in the router and you should be able to access your files on your usb stick.

Basappa said…
HI all,,,

I struggled a bit to get it working and the solution was simply to delete the connection from windows and connect again :)

thank for the info
Gil said…
Guys/Gals ..hope this helps ...I have been experimenting with the USB and built in FTP server of the Dlink2750 - I wanted to play/experiment
around with a basic USB NAS device ...

I have used FREE - filezilla client for ftp and successfully made the usb thumb drive accessible ...upload download ...deletion
i Have installed Filezilla Client on my MAC, UBUNTU and Windows Xp laptop ...
...even managed to video stream some mp4 files to my Iphone and Android device

Ftp Manager Pro for the Iphone
File Manger HD for the Android

within the LAN -I have no problems accessing files ..,, I am not successful accesing files from the outside ...I have tried port forwarding dynamic Dns ...shareport which is a bit buggy please - anyone out there successful in doing so - please share your experience .. Thank you very much :)
Hiw to access it thro an iphone or Android
Arjun said…
I have connected my WD External Hard Drive and Samsung Printer with this same Router with the help of a USB-Hub and both works well.
Kamal Lulla said…
Thank you so much.
Unknown said…
I was using this option fine until i went out of town and came back to see that it no longer works... My HDD was erased and formatted when i wasnt home... and now it does not even work...I have tried all methods shown in the comments.
thank you very much!
anuj said…
good job dude

typing \\\usb1_1
worked for me
Def Leppard said…
Yes....this method worked for me too
Piyush Dokania said…
I have connected my 3g usb stick micromax mmx377g
it gets connected to the modem but dialup is not able to connect to internet
with the same aircel connection & settings I was earlier able to connect it to internet
kindly help & tell me what I should do???
Piyush Dokania said…
I have a usb stick of micromax mmx377g it works well when connected to laptop
but when I connect it to my dlink wifi modem router dsl-2750u
its detected but is not able to connect to internet by dial up
arif said…
Thank you so much for writing this article!
Babu Palani said…
whether we can connect reliance 3 wireless device(usb)with the router D link dsl 2750 U.If can please tell the procedures.
Anonymous said…
Please tell the FW u r using...mine is IN_1.08 there is no option of USB drive
Naved Ahmed said…
// worked for me....
dinesh G said…
reply to Piyush dokania and Babu Palani
Guys only Dlink USB Dongle is supported in dlink modem. It is Clearly mentioned in the Dlink Customer Website.
anup ar said…
Hi its not working for me i tried \\\usb1_1 from explorer it says "Windows cannot access" network error
please help
For my windowsOS also by typing // to any explorer or browser or map network drive works fine for me, thanks any way
Yogesh Kumar said…
it will work on //
and for mac users they can directly paste it in their browser however only downlink is psibble up link not working in browser
download speed is around 3.5-4.0 mbps
upload speed is around 1.5-2.0 mbps
Yogesh Kumar said…
it will work on //
and for mac users they can directly paste it in their browser however only downlink is psibble up link not working in browser
download speed is around 3.5-4.0 mbps
upload speed is around 1.5-2.0 mbps
donozga said…
How can I check how much capacity is remaining on the HDD connected to the DSL ? it will work for me Boost WiFi Signal tricks
Anonymous said…
Thankyou for the procedure...helped me configuring USB disk in no time.
dileep k said…
Impressive! I really like your blog.
Thanks for the post.
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