Kid Dictionary

Kids have an amazing way of looking at the world differently, and I am left speechless every other day when my 3-something suddenly comes up with a new one!

In an hopefully ongoing series, I am starting here with 2 interesting kid dictionary anecdotes.

The other day my son standing in the backseat of the car suddenly said "you are going too fast, please drive little slowly." and I slowed down - then he said "you are going too slow, you must drive *warm*". Hmm... now what did that mean. So my son explained - "warm" like when you give me milk - not too hot and not too cold - just right. So now I realized for something to be "just right" or optimum - it has to be warm!

How to earn money kiddy-style
Then there was the time we went on vacation and I saw this really amazing house by the cliff, and jokingly told my son that he has to buy it for me when he grows up. He looked at me very seriously and said yeah, okay, no problem. So I said, how will you earn the money for it?

He said by eating 'raita' (curd) and we all burst out laughing. To encourage my son to eat his raita, I had on occasion told him that he would get a coin for his piggy bank if he ate raita. And that was his solution - he could earn money by eating raita and then buy me the fancy house by the cliff!


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