How to update the firmware of D-Link DSL-2750U wireless router

So, I have had the router for almost 2 years now and there haven't been any significant problems as such.

Recently, I moved the router location as I doing some renovation and it's now placed in another room. This resulted in a fairly large drop in signal performance and now many corners of the house show poor signal.

So, while trying to resolve this problem, I remembered a long pending task on the router. To update the firmware! The default firmware 1.00 had a new version 1.10 out in 2011 - but I had tried earlier and spent 2-3 evenings trying to unsuccessfully update this firmware and had finally given up.

This time I thought I will try it again and I was successful, after a little bit of a hit-and-miss! If you also want to update your firmware, here's my list of things-to-do that will hopefully help you update it without any hassles.

0. Check your firmware version by looking at System Info on admin interface of the router.
1. Get the latest firmware from D-link India site - D-Link India site - click on Support and then Firmware.
2. It's version 1.10 as of now and comes as zip file.
3. Extracting the zip file will give you a .IMG file with a very long name.
4. I recommend you rename this file to a short "dsl-2750u.img"
5. I also recommend that you then put this file in your C:\ drive root folder rather than in a sub-directory.
6. Now, connect your laptop physically to the router using a RJ-45 network - the regular Ethernet cable.
7. Disconnect wi-fi access on your computer by disconnecting from the wi-fi network of the router or disable wi-fi temporarily.
8. Make sure that you are connected via Ethernet by browsing the web, and checking the network icon in your system tray.
9. I recommend that you switch off the wi-fi service on the router by pressing the WIFI button located next to the USB port on the router. The wifi icon will go off on the router.
10. I strongly recommend that you use Internet Explorer to complete this task.
11. Browse to the Admin User Interface of the router by browsing the management IP - typically and give your user name and password.
12. Go to Management menu item on the left and then click on "update software".
13. Select the file from the C:\ folder using the browse button.
14. Click on upload software. In my case, every time I had to press the button twice :-) - but if you have pressed it correctly, you will get a message "Update is progress - please wait for a minute"
15. Don't do anything else!
16. WAIT.
17. WAIT.
18. You should see a new screen showing upload in progress.
19. Don't do anything - WAIT.
20. Keep waiting - if you observe your router, the buttons will flash at some point and indicate that it is restarting.
21. Subsequently, your page should refresh and the home page of the management interface should reload.
22. If everything went well - your system should show System version as 1.10!
23, Press the WIFI button again to restart the wifi service and use your newly upgraded modem/router!

Happy upgrading!


ravi said…
sir i follow your instruction but i had faced some trouble. i select update firmware then click update button they show error message that was "File Length greater than maximum exptected size"
please help me sir, thank you
Anonymous said…
ravi go to the firmware upgrade section not in the system update setting.
vikrant pawar said…

Thanks for detail instruction however still facing same issue

What I observe is mismatch date on dlink site we have
Firmware IN_1.10 8/23/2011

while what I have on webpage is Current Firmware Version:
Current Version Date:
Anand said…
Hi Vikrant,

I have 1.10, I think you should probably upgrade, that date looks somehow wrong to me.. I rechecked 1.10 is the latest firmware available for this router.
vikrant pawar said…
Thanks I just got mail from Dlink support, Issue was with hardware.
Mine is U1 while update is for C1

Now I'm facing issue with inbuilt SAMBA server for accessing USB storage.


vikrant pawar said…
It got resolved, Issue was with format of hdd
Hello vikrant..can u pls explain how u resolved the USB storage problem?
kindly show settings used to do it also..
Firmware listed on Indian website is for Hardware version C1. While the Routers shipped with IN_1.08 is hardware version U1. Use ME 1.11 firmware on Dlink MEA website. Even I had the same problem. Upgraded successfully today!
Sravan said…
HI Puneet.
Where to download ME 1.11 firmware on Dlink MEA website
Dipin Koodali said…
Is IN_1.02 the latest version available for DSL 2750U , hardware version V1 ?

Download Firmware link on the above mentioned site is no longer available. it says the content is not available .
Kindly go through this matter and reply.

Thank you in advance!
janardhan babu said…
thanks for u informations its really helpfull
Hello Vijay Kumar,

The USB should be in NTFS format. FAT or exFAT is not working here.

Also, you need not to upgrade firmware. Just simply access / Hit - (that is the IP of your DSL Router) and you see "USB1_1" FOlder listed there if you have enabled anonymous access in the Samba settings. :)

Anonymous said…
Even I have the same version
Mayur Anjara said…
sir it is showing error... file length greater than maximum expected??
Nishal rock said…
while downloading firmware it shows webpage is not available. why help me
Unknown said…
I have H/w version V1. The present firmware is 1.01, I have downloaded version 1.10 from dlink india site. I have tried with the img file, immediately it says upgrade fail.

Also, I didn't see the option of bandwidth control and provision to upload 3g dongle driver which I have seen in one of the screenshot for this mode. help pls. I think the firmware upgrade should have this option
Anonymous said…
if you want your router to behave as WAN to LAN router then do not update the india firmware.
upload the Dubai firmware, you ll get option to do WAN to LAN
Saravanan N K said…
I dont find the link for firmware in Support page. Please let us know how to update the firmware?
Anand said…
Hi Saravanan

Please go to - Click on the black tab "Support" and then click on Firmware - you will see the download link for Firmware IN1_10.

Alternately, here's the FTP link -

Anonymous said…
How can I go back to my previous version of firmware.plz help
Anonymous said…
hi all,

Download firmware from below location, which is successfully updated & Tested.
abhinav kumar said…
hey i currently bought this dlink modem followed all the instructions but then also the firmware is not updating.
i have windows 10 in my system
abhinav kumar said…
hey i recently bought dlink dsl-2750u and wanted to update the firmware, followed all your instructions still i am not able to update the firmware.
what to do?
Tarun Sodvadiya said…

i am having the latest version of the firmware IN_1.10 and i want to update it to middle east firmware. my h/w version is c1
i am not able to fine any middle east firmwares for c1

please help me
Anonymous said…
Hi All,

I have recenlty got a new 2750u model with V1 hardware. India support told me that 1.10 firmware is for C1 hw and not for V1.
Has anyone downloaded and installed 1.03 version from Dlink mea webiste.
Anonymous said…
i recently bought a dlink adsl2+ router n300 dsl 2750u. The problem is that my laptop's cd rom is not working so the installation cd that comes with the product will not work. I dont know how to install it without the cd. On the dlink website, under firmware, there is a cd burn image again the same problem, i wont be able to burn a cd. Please help! how do i install the modem without cd? 3rd december, 2015, India Thanks - Megs
deepan gulati said…
Everything went well but the firmware was stil IN_1.0.2. Pls help me out
Unknown said…
Can i update firmware with different country like in_1.02 to SE_1.01
pratham raj said…
Can i update firmware of different conntry like from IN1.02 TO SE1.10
Anand said…
No, it is not recommended to update a different country firmware.
popcorn said…
I compiled the D-Link 2750u U1 Version 1.08 (RTL8676 Chip) for India using the open source Dlink has put on the Taiwan site.
I am not sure if I can put it here for everyone to use.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Popcorn. This is the firmware I was searching whole internet since last 3 years.
Thanks for the same. I am back to stock firmware of India.
Problem solved for DLINK 2750 U1

Go to link

Go to Downloads

Select H/W Ver. U1 F/W Ver.1.09_ME to update your firmware.

Happy Upgrading :)
Palash Jain said…
I have firmware IN_1.01 and want to update firmware. How can I update.
Sheikh Nadeem said…
I accidentally flashed DSL-2740U H/W A1's firmware on DSL-2750U H/W A1... Router in working but i want the DSL-2750U H/W A1 firmware... Can anyone provide me the link? I can't find it anywhere.
AS said…
Hello Nadeem

The official firmware can be found here:

Click on Support button on the center right hand side and you will see a link for Firmware. Then you will see link for the 2011 Firmware and the 2016 firmware.
haziq qari said…
When i upload the file and click update firmware, it still says "file size is too large". Any solutions?
Ishaan Kakkar said…
it says file too large..i was upgrading to 2016 firmware
Anonymous said…
perfect, thanks a lot!!
Anonymous said…
can someone help me?
i have dsl-2750u but it has no usb port and i am not able to find firmware of that one. My harware version is I1
Anonymous said…
I have the same issue, is there a solution for this one

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