Book review: John Grisham - The Confession

I haven't read a John Grisham for a while now and so picked up this new book anticipating another fast-paced racy legal thriller.

The Confession is fast-paced but a little dry. The story of a convicted serial-rapist dying of a tumor who decides at the last minute to confess and thus save a wrongly-convicted man from being hanged. All this through the help of a reluctant but righteous Lutheran priest.
But in reality the book is a die-hard votary and a strong plea for abolishing the death penalty. Set in Texas, the death penalty capital and in a "culturally" black-white separated community, the book is a great read if you are wanting to debate within the pros and cons of hanging someone.

But if you are like me, who picked it up for a great story and as a light read, its disappointing. Its a nice well-meaning novel which wears its conscience clearly on its sleeve - but its not the Grisham that I was looking to read!


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