Indra Cafe, Mysore

Some time back while driving through Mysore and in need of a good breakfast, we decided to ask the locals for a local eatery - after some misguided directions and some silly suggestions - one good soul pointed us to the direction of Dhanwantari Road to Indra Bhavan. After a little bit of asking around, we found the place and then had to go around as parking was on the other side of the divided road.

Indra Cafe is a small clean place that served us *heavenly* dosas and really nice soft idlis made with finely ground batter. Along with that was good chutney and tasty sambar! I am really pleased to have found this place... my last few visits had led me to some newer eateries that looked fancy but food wasn't great. I would recommend this to most people!

Thinking about Indra Bhavan as most people seem to call it locally (and that's what you should ask for) led me to think of the other nice places to eat in Mysore that I had found.

One that comes to mind immediately is the Mylari Hotel in Nazarbad - a must try for dosas and idlis..

Came across this interesting list of places that I have now put on my "must try next time" list!


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