Lists, lists and more lists!

Was just reviewing my list of things to do... are you that kind of a person?

I am a lost-case list-addict. I can't do without them. Can't function without them. If I lose my to-do - I honestly won't know what to do.

Although it has its share of critics, my view on this is that besides the fact that it helps me organize - it really clears up my head and leaves space to think of other things :-) Once I jot down an item on my list - I remove it from my thoughts - the list will remind me when I look at it next. This is a good thing - but very bad if I were to lose the list. It almost brings nightmares to my mind - as close to the feelings I get when I visualize sudenly losing my laptop.

On the other hand, there is nothing quite satisfying as being able to check off so many items from your list and watch them disappear of your to-do list! Some days, if I check four-five items off - I know that's been a good day!

I have a list for everything - for work, for personal, for life, for love, for issues, for things to buy, for projects; if there's something that needs more than one bullet to do - it's going on my list!

Given the importance of lists in my life, I spend a fair amount of time searching for a way to organize my lists and track them. At the moment, I am very happy to recommend ToDoList from - it's free, it's convenient, simple and I have been using it for a while with much satisfaction.


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