Citizen Police

A recurring irritant on my daily commute is seeing so many people disobeying the traffic rules. The ones who irritate me the most are the people who go down one-ways, park on main roads under no-parking signs, stop during peak hours on the road with a driver inside as though that is not equivalent to parking and people who cause log-jams at traffic junctions by approaching from the wrong lane.

I keep thinking the fines should be increased so that it pinches. Then I think that there aren't enough cops on the roads to monitor all these... which in turn leads me to think that there should be a way to empower citizens to fine such law-breakers. But that option has too many grey areas - who should be empowered, who selects this empowered set and how do you prevent them from misusing that empowerment?

One idea that I think has a lot of potential is to create a public website which allows citizens to post photos of such law-breaking incidents. The traffic police can then send tickets for fines on the basis of such evidence - if required with a print of the incriminating image!

Anyone out there who can help get the approvals for such a system from the Police commissioner?


Uma said…
Once again, great idea! Downside - doctored images??

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